Some people try to possess you, take from you every drop, every second, every millimeter… And others that you didn’t expect, they reconstruct you, they teach you that you can be better… They give you their kindness and their gifts without asking anything to change. Life is certainly multicolored.

Algunas personas intentan poseerte, tomar de ti cada gota, cada segundo, cada milímetro… Y otras que no esperabas, te van reconstruyendo, te van enseñando que puedes ser mejor… Te entregan su bondad y sus dones sin pedir nada a cambio. La vida sin duda es multicolor.

©®Messieral |
Ciudad de Guatemala 10 de septiembre de 2,018

Here and Now

Here and now
under the shadow
from the tide of your lips
and the heartbeat that you provoke me.

Here and now
about the light
of the reverse window
of our hearts.

We are and we stay
because the precise moment
is this one where we are…

So don’t be afraid
let yourself go
to the infinite exile
that awaits us.

We are and we stay
because the concise moment
It’s this in which we complement each other.

So don’t be afraid
let yourself go
to infinity verse
that eternalizes us.

Here and now
there is no one else,
you and I are important
for a dream that is true…

©®Messieral |
Ciudad de Guatemala 6 de septiembre de 2,018

Tooth Fairy

Tooth Fairy
has arrived in August to visit you,
I know you feel a little scared
but everything will be fine.

For the love of your great-grandmother
whom you can not longer see,
and for the love I feel for you
I know you will find calm while you sleep..

And when you wake up tomorrow
two gold coins will illuminate your pillow
so you know that growing up is fine
and there’s nothing to fear
but there’s so much to learn…

©®Messieral |
Ciudad de Guatemala 25 de agosto de 2,018

The Sweetest of your Kisses

When you wake up so early
your eyes are the lanterns that light my way
and if I lose consciousness you’re always there
next to me, although I didn´t ask for it.

I love you because you are permanently
loving me, taking care of me,
protecting me from that cruel past
which threatens to face us again.

And I love you and I take care of you because you are my love,
so beautiful, so ideal
for this poet who dedicates his verses
to your sweetest look, to the sweetest of your kisses …

Guatemala City January 27, 2017

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All the things that I have are worthless. All the things that I dreamed of as a child became steamy. I am a slave to the price you demand for your kisses, for your body and your sex … I am a slave of a price that I cannot pay …

Ciudad de Guatemala 21 enero 2,017

It will be something beautiful when you understand that I do not write just so that you read me. I write to you to print out my soul in the back of your notebooks, on the walls of your neighborhood, in the first and last letter you’ll write to your most loved ones…

Guatemala City January 12, 2017

A December Thing

Winter appeared at my door
with the trace of my former loves,
he built with his hands a sad star
and in his eyes the ice still wanted to cry.

And I ran so far that I forgot the spring,
it’s a December thing having to remember
that once there was a much better time;
It still hurts me to think about your sweet kisses,
I will never forget your beautiful taste.

—I still love you in the same way I need silence
in the nights when I’m frustrated … Thinking of you…

Guatemala City December 1, 2016

Your Naked Sky

I want to write the most beautiful poem in the world,
prudently draw each letter of your name to remember,
kiss our moons again, kiss our stars
and mourn with joy to remember your naked sky.

Love me in the distance if you need it,
name me with your clenched fists
when your partner fails you, when you feel so alone,
so much that you cannot take your memory away from my touch…

I’ll see you from a distance because I need it,
I’ll take the kisses of your mouth in the eye of my hurricane,
I’ll love you like a nice house that I want to inhabit
wishing my luck change with your presence one day;
the same day that you’re going to want kiss me again…

Guatemala City November 30, 2016