Some people try to possess you, take from you every drop, every second, every millimeter… And others that you didn’t expect, they reconstruct you, they teach you that you can be better… They give you their kindness and their gifts without asking anything to change. Life is certainly multicolored.

Algunas personas intentan poseerte, tomar de ti cada gota, cada segundo, cada milímetro… Y otras que no esperabas, te van reconstruyendo, te van enseñando que puedes ser mejor… Te entregan su bondad y sus dones sin pedir nada a cambio. La vida sin duda es multicolor.

©®Messieral |
Ciudad de Guatemala 10 de septiembre de 2,018

All the things that I have are worthless. All the things that I dreamed of as a child became steamy. I am a slave to the price you demand for your kisses, for your body and your sex … I am a slave of a price that I cannot pay …

Ciudad de Guatemala 21 enero 2,017

It will be something beautiful when you understand that I do not write just so that you read me. I write to you to print out my soul in the back of your notebooks, on the walls of your neighborhood, in the first and last letter you’ll write to your most loved ones…

Guatemala City January 12, 2017

‘Not that’

You said while I brought a kiss to your mouth.
Fear trembled on your skin and I noticed it.

‘That yes’

I said looking at your lips as the carnivorous night
stare at her innocent prey …

Guatemala City  November 26, 2016